Our Prices

Being professional in the laundry business means we stay up to date on the latest laundry technologies, ecofriendly cleaning methods and solutions for dealing with stains on delicate and modern fabrics.

Our aim is to take care of all your business laundry needs, saving you time and money. No more worrying, offering you a stress free professional service.

Eve and Philip are passionate about ecology and the importance of living sustainably. Looking after and recycling clothes and linen helps us all and the plnet resources.

We aim to give you honest, friendly and old fashioned reliable service hoping to change the way you think about laundry. Its way more fun when someone does it for you.

Full Price list

Shorten top waists $24
Shorten top sleeves $20
Shorten shirt sleeves $20
Jacket sleeves with vent from $30
Jacket sleeves from $28
False hem trousers $30
Re-hem trousers, skirt or dress $18
Skirt or Dress from $26
Lining – extra on each garment $26
Jeans $20
Trousers $18
Trousers with side splits $26
Trousers with cuffs $24
Not Quilted King/Queen from $25
Not Quilted Double from $20
Not Quilted Single from $15
Quilted King from $25
Quilted Double/Queen from $20
Quilted Single from $15
Double Mink $15-$20
Mink $15-$20
Queen/King wool from $25
Double wool from $20
Single wool from $10
Duvet Cover $20
King Duvet from $25
Queen Duvet from $25
Double Duvet from $20
Single Duvet from $15
Horse Blankets $30
Pillow Cases Per load* Small or Large
Pillows $10
Sheets $2
Towels $1.50
Tablecloth Washed & Pressed $8
Heavy $30
Light $20
Wash & Dry from $15
King/Queen from $25
Double from $20
Single from $15


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